Wearable art and
   other glasswork curios


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  1. Moira's First Clutch

    She stands on tipped toe stretching to the top shelf. Her blue-silver hand clutches the first thing she feels: a mystery shrouded in teal.
  2. Harbinger of Kraken's Niece

    Low waves kiss the rocky shore at dusk. Crawling among the shards of milky earth, a child of deep fathoms has her first glimpse of land.
  3. Joergette's Blossoming Synapse

    Seeds of hazy ideas cling to each other, take root, and sprout into fledgling thought. Intention becomes plan becomes action as thought blossoms into vision.
  4. Lament of Icarus's Mother

    Wings spread open to embrace the air and pounding heat. Furious energy spent until combustion. Exhaustion and bruises ache for comfort.
  5. Minion of the Sand Thief

    Burrowing under desert grains, the loyal servant waits for its master's call. Pieces of stolen time clink in its bulging pouch.
  6. Trinity's Corrupted I/O

    Corroded connections glitch the interface. The user's experience tracks non-intuitive. End of line.
  7. Abigail's Expulsion

    When the proctor discovered her transgression and gave his report, she wept and repented. He whispered, "forgive me."
  8. Ode to Hawthorn Cavern

    Condensation on stalactites collects and drips forming mirror-like pools on the cavern floor. The plip-plop sounds echo melodically composing a celestial symphony.
  9. Mandy's February Wish

    The winter winds bluster against her face as she thinks of Caribbean breezes and postcard perfect teal waters. In a Zhaungzi moment, she forgets if she is home dreaming of warmth or warm dreaming of home.


9 Item(s)